Kate Klausner is excited and overjoyed to be the owner of Snaggle Foot Ann Arbor. The opportunity to combine her over-the-top love of dogs with her entrepreneurial spirit and community involvement is really a dream come true! As a loving mother to two precocious dogs and their human brother Beckett, Kate knows the value of having someone you trust be there when you can’t. She is proud to lead an ever-growing team of trained pet professionals, who are dedicated to bringing high quality care, love, and attention to the animals of Ann Arbor.

In 2009, Kate started out with one sweet, spunky Pomeranian named Spike, and the family has been growing ever since. In 2011 she opened her heart and her home to an older gent who needed some relaxation time, and Guillermo the Chihuahua came to stay until he passed away in 2012. Shortly after that, a wire-haired dachshund mix named Marshall quickly won everyone over! In August 2014, this little Snaggle Family grew even larger when Kate welcomed her son, Beckett, to the world. He’s an endlessly curious charmer with a mischievous grin and a heartwarming laugh. Beckett has quickly developed a fondness for dogs that rivals even his mother’s. Together, Kate and Beckett have spoiled all of her dogs, and she’s excited to spoil your dogs too!

A longtime manager of a specialty toy store, Kate knows the value of good play time; she delights in making creative thinking puzzles for the dogs. Kate has a happy, creative, kind spirit. She lives to repurpose, create and share inspiration with everyone around. Few things make her as happy as an organized space, a sunny day drive, or being in the kitchen with dogs following her every move. As for her business outlook, Kate thanks her friends and family for teaching her to live by the Buddha’s philosophy “Your work is to discover your work, and then, with all your heart, to give yourself to it”.

Now that Kate has discovered her “work”, she is giving herself, her heart, and her all to it!



EliseHello-ha (Aloha + Hello)! This is Elise! I am a caring, experienced dog walker/ cat sitter, who can’t help falling in love with every adorable animal I meet! Growing up with family pets in my life, I’ve always felt a special bond with the tender hearts of animals, and to be able to care for them as a professional with Snagglefoot, is a joy and an honor I am grateful for every day. It is a such gift to get to know the pets in the comfort of their own home, where they feel safe and secure, and to shower them with love, play and affection while their family is away! Fun facts: As a kid I loved watching Scooby Doo and The AristoCats; I also love drawing animals, and would love to sketch your precious pet, upon request! …Here I am pictured with my beloved dachshund, Snoopy:)


Abby-1Hello! My name is Abby. I am currently a student at Eastern Michigan University. I have been with Snaggle Foot since November of 2013. I grew up with my fair share of animals. I grew up with two cats, Cal and Opie, and then in 2001 my family adopted two Jack Russell Terriers, Sampson and Delila. In 2005 we brought another dog into the family, another Jack Russell Terrier, Zeus. In 2010, I adopted my dog Bosco, who is a Jack Russell Terrier. In 2014, I adopted my second dog, Thor, who is a Husky. I grew up around horses. From sixth grade to ninth grade I rode horses. My first horse was Spencer (funny thing was, he was exactly a day and a year younger than me!). When I was younger we also had fish, birds, turtles, and geckos.


MayaHi, I’m Maya! Growing up I was not allowed to have dogs, so I grew up with parrots, hamsters, and fish and now own two cats. My love for animals has led me to volunteer at an animal shelter in both Michigan and outside of the country. As I continue to develop experience with handling all kinds of animals: I have been around horses, involved in taking care of snakes, as well as taking care of other peoples pets when needed. I have gained 2+ years experience with dog walking. I definitely enjoy it!


ShelbyMeow and hello! My name is Shelby! I have been with Snaggle Foot for over two years and what an amazing journey it has been. I’ve always been been an avid animal lover and that love has done nothing but grow. I grew up in a kitty friendly household, sometimes bringing kitties home and begging my mother to let them stay until we found their forever home, so I became quite familiar with their behavior and personality traits. Once I joined SF, I quickly developed a thirst to learn as much as I could about any animal I crossed paths with. So far, I’ve learned to work with many dogs of different breeds and personalities along with mice, fish, frogs, toads, and birds! When I’m not working with SF, you’ll most likely find me at home playing with my ferret, Linus, or outside exploring! I’m so lucky to work for an organization that cares for animals as much as I care for my own. I can’t wait to meet all the critters of the world!


Eliza-1I’m Eliza! I do a little bit of everything here at Snaggle Foot! Some days I’m in the office answering the phone and sending all of those adorable pictures, and some days I’m out visiting my four-legged friends all over town. I grew up with cat siblings and dog uncles, but the most special was my fur baby Guillermo, a wonderful Chihuahua mix who enchanted everyone who knew him. I share a home in Ypsi with my husband and our two kids, and until our family is blessed with another dog or cat, I’ll just briefly borrow all of yours!