Pet Sitting + Welcome Home Services

featuredRates: Starting at $20.00/visit

  • Additional pets: $3.00/per pet or litter box
  • requests (Medication, Aquariums, etc.) start at an additional $3.00
  • Difficult, willful, or hyperactive pets start at an additional $3.00

Welcome Home services includes all the wonderful care and personal touches as our Pet Sitting Services including exercise or playtime with your pets, feeding, water refresh, treats, and specialized one-on-one attention, and also includes tidying up, bringing in the mail, and other small home maintenance issues going the extra mile to make sure your homecoming is as welcoming as possible.

Typical Welcome Home Services in addition to caring and spending time with your pets include:

  • Full dog bed wash and fluffing
  • Litter box washing
  • Vacuuming, mopping, or pet hair removal

Rates: Additional $10.00